Monday, 5 December 2016

Communicating with foreign language


Speaking on English language was feel different, when you must try to speak right. But it feels also nice and of course there was own challenges. Why it was different, because in normal life I don't use the English language during the day all the time, but in the camp you just must to speak it all the time every days. It was good solution that we speak English all the time, because it made own language skills more stronger. Actually it felt awesome!

About challenges: Yes, there were challenges. For example when i tried to explain something difficult thing for somebody, when it was hard to explain even in own language. Or then when you try to understand or tell something, Also was hard to explain something for other person in english, when it don't understand you and you try your best. At least, challenges were nice, because you was learned something over theme.


English is easy language for me so it felt easy to talk it but I still was scared to talk it. Of course there was challenges because either of us don't speak english as mother language. Example if I didn't know what some word was in english then I just explained it somehow with moves or something else. Easy was communicating with Bulgarians because actually they didn't care if I said something wrong. And that's why communicating went so well but of course there were parts that we didn't know what they meant. With translating everything went great if someone needed it then he said that he need that. I think we did pretty good job with english.

- Alona & Bertta (FIN)

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