Friday, 12 August 2016


Welcome to follow our project blog, Manual for European Teenager 2016! Our project has been officially on for 12 days now. Almost two weeks! Wow :)

During this time Lari has opened this blog, Bulgarians have sorted out their flight tickets and made the reservations, Mekku and Sari have made the first money transactions and Lari and Mekku have planned the workshop system.

At the moment we (Lari and Mekku, the Finnish leaders) are writing this from Loimaa Theatre where the Finnish group is about to have its first meeting. Exciting to see everybody for the first time together!

Yesterday we (Lari and Mekku) travelled to Helsinki for Erasmus+ training for those projects that have received the EU grant. Training gave plenty of new ideas. The trainers themselves provided us with helpful information, but it was most interesting to hear what other projects are about. This gave many new viewpoints to how Erasmus+ programme can be used. We heard useful tips HOW things can be done, and that helps us to take our project with the young people. A lot of ideas to discuss today and later with everybody.

Erasmus+ is about learning. We feel that we are learning the most about project management at the moment: how to keep everything together and running smoothly.

We are sooooooo excited about this project!! It’s a pleasure to work with it! Let’s see how everything goes on from here. :)