Friday, 25 November 2016

Summary of Wed 19.10. & thu 20.10.


On Wednesday we started with Bulgarian workshop Voice/Movement on stage. For the Finnish participants, the approach to own body and voice was somehow new and therefore a good lesson. This sort of basic actor’s skills training would be most welcome to our daily routines, as well.
The second workshop was Smartphones in the Shadow of Nokia, where the participants made performances out of smartphones’ disadvantages and took pictures on a certain theme outside.
In the evening we learned about the interesting tradition of to martenitzas, traditional Bulgarian handycraft, and we all wear one self-made martenitza now in our wrists.
We tried to make the fresh air available for everybody, once it became an issue – and it’s true, we need it. The morning-shake up was outside, and the organized breaks outside worked quite fine.  It was a tough decision to make, but we didn’t have an option. The lesson learned was that this should have been solved before the camp.


The day started with Voice acting/dubbing workshop. The three girls had done a great job and they kept the business tightly together.
We wanted to say thank you to the elder people’s centre, which made food for us everyday. We put together some Bulgarian and Finnish dances and National hymns, and performed to elder people in the afternoon. The showstoppers were of course traditional Bulgarian outwear and music, which the audience hadn’t seen or heard before. But Finlandia hymn also warmed everybody’s hearts and eyes. Cultural awareness was definitely spread to an audience who otherwise wouldn't have been able to experience it.

In the evening it was time to start putting bits and pieces of the workshops together, and make them as one entire show for the public. We rehearsed our most-loved opening, which was brought to us by the Bulgarian actor teacher, Dimitar. We leaders learned a lot about running the Youthpass sessions! The confidence, and the good practices were gained towards the end of the week. This is our first time to run Youthpass, and thinking of this, I think we can put a smile on our face. 

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