Monday, 7 November 2016

Summary of sat 15.10. & sun 16.10.


The working actually started today. In the first workshop we learned about Finnish theatrical acting and directing styles and in the second workshop we learned about Bulgarian theatrical acting and directing styles. Those workshops showed instantly at the beginning differences and similarities in participating countries style to make theatre, especially the different tradition in visual and psychological theatre. In the evening we learned about each other’s folk dance traditions and got to try both Finnish and Bulgarian folk dances.
The whole day was a little bit unsure for everyone as they tried to find their place, and we all started to go through how this whole program and camp works. At least we all learned a lot of new things during the day.


Sunday was a bit (too) relaxed day. We had a couple of more little breaks because the two workshops didn’t take the whole time that was planned for them. That meant that the participants got more free time. Youngsters themselves were excited about that, but we leaders realized that if there’s too much free time, people get lazy and don’t do their work passionated.
That was an important lesson for us as leaders. Even though one of our goals was to put more free time in the program that participants can have ”quality time” together (what they specially asked for), it didn’t work in practice like we thought it would. The time at the camp becomes more like holiday to participants and they forget that they still need to work hard on this camp too, even though our program is not that strict. Luckily we can try different variations of doing things at this camp, so we haven’t lost anything yet.

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