Thursday, 20 October 2016

Summary of thu 13.10. & fri 14.10.


You can find pictures of our project in social media by using hashtag #themanual2016

Bulgarians arrived to Helsinki. We went to walk in Helsinki city center, where we went to see Senaatintori and Tuomiokirkko. After that we had a tour at the National Theatre of Finland. It was a great success. Everyone seemed to enjoy to see the theatre. When we came back to Loimaa, everybody was very tired (Bulgarians had started their traveling at 2 a.m. on Thursday night so they had been awake almost 24 hours without good sleep) so we just sorted out mattresses, duvets and pillows and went to sleep.


Day started relaxedly. People woke up at 9 and had breakfast. After that we went to see Loimaa High School. There the international group of the school had prepared an informative slideshow of Finnish education system for us. They also guided us a tour at the school. Bulgarians seemed to be very excited about the school and people there. After visiting at the school, we took a little Loimaa sight-seeing by cars. We went to see two summer theatres in Loimaa: Krekilän myllyn kesäteatteri and Kertunmäen kesäteatteri. Our guests were excited about those places too. Then we got back to theatre. Finns arrived and we could officially start the camp. We had ice-breaker games and got to know each other, at least everyone’s name. In the evening we leaders were so glad to see that Finns and Bulgarians started communicating and spending time together immediately, on the first day of the camp.

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