Sunday, 11 September 2016

What would we like to learn?

Hello! I'm Aada L. from Finland. I'm wondering what I would learn during this project.

With this project I would like to learn to speak and communicate in English and possibly a little bit in Bulgarian too.

I would like to meet new people and learn how many different ways can you make theatre. I would also like to know what kind of differences Finnish and Bulgarian theatre have or how they are put into practice. What kind of different methods do Bulgarian and Finnish people have on stage? What are they thinking when they are acting?

- - - - -

Hello I’m the other Aada from Finland.

What I want learn about this project? I want meet new people and get friends. I want learn Bulgarian language and improve my English skills. I want learn new skills over all.

Bulgarian culture is too very interesting and I want see and learn a lot about it. I hope I learn Bulgarian theatre too ‘cause I know just Finnish theatre. I hope this project will be very interesting and fun.

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